Why Climate Controlled Storage?

Generally speaking, the New Jersey shore area experiences relatively pleasant weather most of the year. Of course, the shore does have its weather fluctuations, and typically these appear during the winter months – December through April – and summer months – June through September.

Storing goods in Satellite Self Storage standard units, those that are not climate controlled, is fine for a variety of things, things that are not really damaged by fluctuations in the weather – yard tools, vehicles, and other similar items to mention a few. As you probably have experienced in your own workplace or place of residence, condensation that results from changes in temperature can have a damaging effect, especially in areas of the country susceptible to high humidity. This effect can be in the form of mold, rust, dust, mustiness, insects and so on.

Some goods, then, can benefit from climate controlled storage, where the temperature and air quality is maintained at a level so as to prevent any damage to goods stored in these special units, of which each of our Satellite Self Storage locations has sufficient numbers to satisfy your needs.

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Here are some of the items that you may want to consider storing in a climate controlled unit:

  • Electronic equipment and computers
  • Works of art, books, delicate scientific instruments, musical instruments, photographs, stamp collections
  • Clothes in wardrobes, fabrics, seasonal coats, jackets and sweaters
  • Bedding, mattresses, linen