Plan Ahead Before You Store

Ways to Prepare Your Goods for Storage

Before you move your goods to your chosen Satellite Self Storage space, be sure they are packed or disassembled to ensure they are not damaged in transit, suffer from long-term storage or use up too much valuable space.

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How Can I Prepare Items for Storage?

How Can I Prepare Items for Storage?

  1. Appliances: Thoroughly clean and dry appliances. Keep freezer and refrigerator doors slightly ajar to allow for air circulation.
  2. Bikes and Other Metal Items: Wipe all metal surfaces with a rag containing a few drops of machine oil, like 3-in1 oil.
  3. Books and Documents: Pack books flat to protect their spines. Don’t place boxes directly on the floor; use pallets or skids.
  4. Dishes and Glassware: Cushion carton tops and bottoms with a layer of bubblewrap or unprinted paper. Glass items should be wrapped individually.
  5. Furniture: To conserve space, disassemble beds and tables. Do not lean furniture against outer walls. Wrap legs for protection. Cover wood and upholstered pieces (don’t use plastic).
  6. Holiday Decorations: Reuse the original cartons for delicate items. Pad with unprinted paper.
  7. Lamps: Wrap lamp bases in padding. Wrap and place shades in separate boxes.
  8. Mattress and Box Springs: Store on long edges for firmer support. Keep elevated from the floor and covered for protection.
  9. Mirrors: Store in mirror cartons or on edge, not flat.
  10. Digital Media and Digital Players: Digital media should be packed in its original sleeve or container and then in small boxes on edge to prevent warping. Reuse original carton if available to pack digital players, otherwise cushion carton tops and bottoms with a layer of bubblewrap or unprinted paper.
  11. Tools: Long handled tools such as rakes, brooms, hoes, etc., can be tied in bundles.
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