How to Pack a Moving Truck

Two of Satellite Self Storage's moving trucks parked on the street

Are you looking to move items to or from a self-storage unit or another location? Doing the job yourself saves the expense of hiring a professional moving company to handle the task.

Since most people don’t do this process every day, you might have questions about how to load a moving truck or car efficiently. Satellite Self Storage has assembled a few packing and moving tips to make the job easier and reduce the risk of damaging your valuable belongings.

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Two of Satellite Self Storage's moving trucks parked on the street

Choose the Right Truck Size

Moving vehicles range in size from small cargo vans to 26-foot box trucks and even tractor-trailers for larger moves. A smaller truck may be cheaper, but it could force you to make multiple trips. Conversely, a vehicle that’s too large could lead to overpaying. Some items could also slide during the drive and sustain damage.

If you’re not sure of the most appropriate vehicle size for your trip, the team at Satellite Self Storage can make a recommendation. Just let us know what you need to move, and we’ll be happy to help.

Pack Heavier Items First

When it’s time to start moving, place heavier, bulkier items like large pieces of furniture or appliances at the back of the cargo area. Doing this will help to balance the load and prevent shifting during transit. By putting your lighter items in last, you can then unload them first, giving you more room to maneuver the bigger pieces when taking them off the truck.

Use Protective Padding

If you’re renting the truck, ask the rental company if it has padded blankets to place on furniture or other items that could get scratched during the move. Blankets will also keep dust and dirt off the pieces.

Separate the Fragile Items

If you’re packing mirrors or other pieces that could break, try to find a spot in the truck where they’re out of harm’s way. Use foam packets or bubble wrap to protect them. If the items are small enough, you might want to transport them in your car.

Stack Where Possible

You can save valuable floor space in your moving truck by stacking boxes filled with books, kitchen utensils, documents and other items. Place the heaviest boxes on the floor and build vertically with increasingly smaller and lighter containers. Use moving straps to keep them from falling over or shifting during the trip.

Fill Gaps With Loose Items

If you notice any empty spaces after loading the truck, fill them with pillows, towels or blankets. These items will provide extra protection against sliding and add a padding layer.

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If you’re in Monmouth County, New Jersey, Satellite Self Storage offers safe, affordable storage units in multiple sizes to hold your valuable items. We can also provide access to a free truck to new customers on their first move-in day at one of our facilities. This free offering comes with tools like hand trucks, ramps, furniture blankets and straps.

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