How to Prepare Your Storage for Winter

How to Prepare Your Storage for Winter

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on January 4, 2024

As the seasons change, you’re probably trading out swimwear for sweaters and outdoor furniture for cozy interior decor. You need a safe place to store the items you’re no longer using and protect them from fluctuating temperatures. Finding the right space is just the start — you also need to winterize certain belongings to keep them in pristine condition until the next season comes around.

Here are four winter storage tips to remember this year.

1. Choose a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit

Some of the items you store through the winter — like patio furniture and yard tools — can handle temperature fluctuations. Others benefit from climate-controlled storage units that stay at a consistent temperature. Choosing a climate-controlled unit is the best way to protect the things that matter to you, including summer essentials like:

  • Bedding and linens
  • Seasonal clothes
  • Bikes with leather seats

2. Use Bins to Keep Things Dry

Looking for winter clothes storage ideas? Plastic bins are a better choice than cardboard boxes because cardboard begins to break down when exposed to water, including moisture in the air. Watertight bins will keep clothes and other belongings dry, and they’ll hold up better for use from one season to the next.

3. Prepare Your Liquid Items

You might have some liquid items in storage, such as spare snow globes or bottles of wine you’re saving for a special summer evening. Keep in mind that liquids will expand when frozen. You can place a blanket over any liquid items to help insulate them. As an extra precaution, you might put anything containing liquids on a tarp and move them away from other belongings in case the containers freeze and break. However, choosing a climate-controlled storage unit is the best way to avoid broken glass and spills.

4. Keep Any Electronics Elevated

Heat rises, which means that items stored close to the ground will lose more of it. Electronics are especially vulnerable to changes in temperature, especially those with battery cells that contain liquid. Aim to store electronics on higher shelves with plenty of insulation.

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