What Types of Businesses Benefit From Self Storage?

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on May 7, 2024

Whether you need a place to store excess inventory or don’t have room on-site for storing your seasonal decor, commercial self storage units can provide a solution. Check out how businesses in different industries can benefit from commercial self storage. Restaurants Small cafes and coffee shops can use self storage space for seasonal decor that […]

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The Ultimate Checklist for Moving to Another State

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on April 16, 2024

Moving to another state can be overwhelming — on top of navigating a new community, you also have to find a way to get all of your belongings to your new home. The following tips on moving to another state will help ease your transition. 1. Explore Your New City One of the best things […]

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How to Organize Your Basement: Storage Ideas and Solutions

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on March 28, 2024

In many homes, the basement serves as a storage area that holds seasonal items, keepsakes and items individuals find difficult to part with. As life continues, it is common for the basement to become cluttered with more of these items. Organizing your basement sooner rather than later will help combat clutter and save you time […]

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5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on March 18, 2024

Decluttering and cleaning your space in the spring is a great way to have a fresh start when the warm summer months arrive. Having a tidy space also has mental and physical benefits, such as reducing your anxiety and improving your health. Whether you’re tackling your garage, apartment or office, these five easy spring cleaning tips […]

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10 Tips For Combining Households When You Get Married

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on December 4, 2023

Although love feels like a force that sweeps you away, marriage is a conscious decision reflecting the strong foundations of a solid relationship. Whichever way you decide to take things to the next level, you’re likely excited about merging lives as a married couple. Let’s dive into how to combine households when you get married […]

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Top 7 Things to Know Before Renting a Storage Unit

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on June 22, 2023

Storage units for rent come in various sizes and provide a convenient solution for those needing extra space. Check out this guide for valuable insights and tips to ensure a smooth, hassle-free storage unit rental experience. There are numerous reasons why someone might opt for a storage unit, such as: Moving: If you’re relocating, a […]

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