Guide To Moving a Couch

Guide To Moving a Couch

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on January 8, 2024

Moving a couch seems straightforward, but it can be a daunting task. This process involves calculated measurements, strength and endurance to squeeze this heavy piece of furniture through often tight spaces.

Here’s how to move a couch by yourself or with help.

1. Measure the Couch

First, measure the length and width of the couch. Also consider the size of the doorways, staircases and hallways you’ll move it through to avoid surprises.

Once you know the size of your couch, choose the right tools and equipment to lighten the load, such as furniture moving straps and dollies. The straps help maintain your posture, ensuring proper lifting to avoid straining your back. The dolly lets you transport the couch without heavy lifting across longer distances.

2. Break the Furniture Down if Possible

Sometimes the couch size isn’t the problem — it’s the shape. For example, L-shaped or sectional couches can be harder to maneuver through doorways. You may need to break the furniture down to make the process easier. Be careful not to damage the couch if you can, and keep the parts together for reassembly.

3. Protect the Couch With a Cover

Transportation can damage couch material, especially leather and other synthetic materials prone to tearing. Cover your piece of furniture with a durable cloth, vinyl or stretch wrap beforehand for protection.

4. Load and Unload It With Assistance

You’ll likely need help with loading and unloading when transporting a couch, so consider arranging a helping hand in advance. Also, choose a moving truck that’s compatible with the couch’s weight and size. If renting a vehicle for the day, ensure it meets your furniture’s requirements.

Benefits of Storing Your Couch After Moving It

After you determine the best way to move a couch, you may need a place to put it. Consider storing your furniture in a unit for the best protection and peace of mind. Some advantages of using a storage unit include:

  • The premises are secure and convenient to access.
  • An inventory of items makes keeping track of everything easy.
  • There are various storage unit size options available.
  • The unit will protect your couch and other belongings until you’re ready to collect them.
  • Additional storage space allows you to declutter your home temporarily or permanently.

Get a Self Storage Unit at Satellite Self Storage

Satellite Self Storage has storage units to meet your requirements. You can choose from small units for a few boxes or room-sized options for your couch and other belongings. Call our Middletown or Shrewsbury, New Jersey, offices or complete our contact request form for more information.