The Best Ways to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

The Best Ways to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on July 14, 2022

How you store your clothes can significantly impact how long they last — and chances are, you want to keep your clothes for as long as possible! Check out some of our top tips on how to store clothes in a storage unit.

Wash and Dry Clothes Before Storing

Your first order of business should be to wash your clothes thoroughly. Your clothes may seem clean, but any residual lotion, body spray, deodorant, sweat or food stains can sneakily deteriorate fabric over time. Food stains can attract pests, too.

Choose the Appropriate Storage Method

Next, choose the appropriate storage method for your clothing items. The storage container you choose can prevent you from unintentionally but permanently damaging clothing.

Everyday Clothing Storage Methods

For example, everyday clothes like t-shirts, jeans, sweaters and workout or loungewear can fold neatly into plastic boxes. Cotton, denim and other low-maintenance fabrics aren’t at risk of permanent wrinkle damage.

Be careful to avoid cardboard boxes, which can harbor bacteria or moisture that lead to mold and mildew.

Finer Clothing Storage Methods

You should store fine articles of clothing with delicate fabrics, like blazers, suits or blouses, in wardrobe boxes, preferably sealed within garment bags. A wardrobe box allows you to hang your clothes like you would in a closet. They’ll keep your nice clothing wrinkle-free and undamaged. Avoid wire hangers because they can stretch and snag fabrics.

Do Not Vacuum Seal

In addition to choosing the best storage method, you’ll want to avoid vacuum-sealing your clothing. Clothes need room to breathe. If not, certain fabrics like wool and silk can sustain permanent wrinkles and dents.

Keep Clothes Fresh

You don’t need to use mothballs in a storage unit. Preserve your clothes and lock in a fresh smell with a natural alternative — cedar chips. You can also layer dryer sheets between clothes.

If you have silica gel desiccant packs in old shoe boxes, you can throw those in to control moisture.

Store Your Clothes in a Temperature-Controlled Environment

We recommend you store your clothes in clean, dry places — preferably in a temperate-controlled environment. Unlike damp basements or attics, a dry, cool environment keeps mold, mildew and pests away. A temperature-controlled storage unit will keep your clothes in mint condition.

Store clothes with our climate-controlled storage units!

Store Clothes With Our Climate-Controlled Storage Units!

When you follow our top tips on storing clothes, your clothes will be ready for our climate-controlled storage units at Satellite Self Storage. We’ll keep your clothes in pristine condition until you’re ready to wear them again.

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