Top 5 Tips for Holiday Storage

Top 5 Tips for Holiday Storage

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on December 3, 2020

Between Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, the end of the year brings plenty of reasons to celebrate. Each holiday comes with its own set of festive decorations, from pumpkins and spooky costumes to tinsel and miles of string lights. When it comes time to wind down the decorations and clean out the clutter, keep these simple holiday storage tips in mind. You’ll thank yourself when the next holiday season rolls around!

Plastic storage bins, filled with decorations for various holidays

Tips for Easy Decoration Storage

Keep your ornaments organized and your closet space clear with these easy tricks.

1. Label Liberally

Save yourself the future headache of digging through boxes and get liberal with your labels. List the types of items in each box or section before putting it back on the shelf.

2. Wrap Lights

Bundling your lights is sure to leave you with a messy knot to untangle next season. Instead, wrap your string lights around a piece of cardboard to keep them organized. Secure the ends with masking tape.

3. Store Your Wreaths on a Rack

Stacking your wreaths in a box with other decorations can leave them bent or tangled. If you have space, try wrapping wreaths in plastic bags and hanging them on a coat rack instead. This method will keep them fresh and smooth for seasons to come.

4. Create a Wrapping Station

Tired of running around looking for misplaced scissors, tape, ribbons and wrapping paper? Give yourself an edge with a DIY wrapping station. A one-stop shop wrapping station will save you time and energy — and conserve space in your storage areas.

5. Organize Plastic Containers

Store your decorations in plastic containers instead of cardboard boxes. A plastic layer will help protect your decorations from dust, dirt and moisture, and provide a reusable organizational tool for many future holidays.

The Benefits of Using a Storage Unit for Holiday Decorations

If you tend to embrace the festivities, you’ve likely seen your growing decoration supplies slowly encroach on your home’s storage space. No matter how many organizational tricks you employ, sacrificing valuable space for decorations that come out once a year can get old. Have you considered renting storage for your holiday decorations instead?

A storage unit can free up room in your home for practical everyday use while giving you peace of mind that your festive items are safely secured. From lights and trees to ornaments galore, tuck your decor in the storage unit size of your choice:

  • 5×5: A 5×5 or 5×10 unit will typically offer plenty of room for the average collection of decor, with floor and shelf space for boxes of ornaments and lights as well as a tree or two.
  • 10×10: If you go crazy for Christmas and need a space to put ample outdoor decorations, a medium-sized storage unit might be the perfect fit.
  • 10×20: Have enough holiday gear to fill up an entire single-car garage? A 10×20 or 10×30 storage unit will provide all the room you need.

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Store Your Holiday Supplies Safely With Satellite Self Storage

Dreaming of a hassle-free holiday setup with no over-stuffed closets or tangled lights in sight? With Satellite Self Storage, you can enjoy your decorations throughout the holidays without having to lose valuable square footage for the rest of the year. Free up your space by renting a storage unit with us today. We’ve got units in various sizes and styles to fit every customer’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about renting a cost-effective storage unit.