How to Organize a Storage Unit

How to Organize a Storage Unit

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on August 8, 2022

Storage units are the perfect solution for temporary or long-term storage. They can be helpful when moving or when you need a little extra space in your home. Knowing how to keep your storage unit organized is essential so you can quickly and easily access your items.

One of the best ways to pack a storage unit is to have a plan in mind. Before loading items into your unit, think about how much you need to store and the space you need. Once you know what you’d like to store and how much space you need, you can find a unit and start moving.

The following storage organization tips will help you maximize your space and have an efficient experience within your storage unit.

1. Use Boxes

Storing items in boxes will protect them and keep your unit clean and organized. When considering what containers to use for a storage unit, use clear bins so you can see everything from the outside. They are sturdy and last a long time, a perfect option for long-term storage.

Plastic bins often come with superior locks and seals, which protect your items from outside elements.

2. Label Everything

Labeling your boxes will help you find what you need quickly and efficiently. Whether you use masking tape, stickers or a marker right on the box, be sure to label the top and sides. Labeling on multiple sides will help you identify the contents of each box from any orientation.

3. Keep a Center Aisle

Designated paths through your unit will make accessing all of your items easier, even if they are stored in the back. In addition to maintaining aisles throughout your unit, consider creating a map to help you quickly find where your items are located.

4. Create a Master List

Keeping an inventory of your unit is an effective way to maintain organization. Keep track of items when you first put them into the unit by writing everything down on a spreadsheet. Taking a picture is a helpful way to remember what you have stored and where it is. This list will help you know what is in your unit so you can find it easily in the future.

Think about the items you will only need once or twice a year if you use the unit for long-term storage. Place those in an accessible place near the front.

5. Prioritize What Goes in the Front

Whether you are using your unit for short- or long-term storage, it’s best to organize it by what you plan to use most often. For short-term storage, place your most used items in the front so you can grab them quickly when you need them.

Think about the items you will only need once or twice a year if you use the unit for long-term storage. Place those in an accessible place near the front. Those items could include seasonal clothes or decorations, camping gear or tools.

6. Store Items Vertically

Storage units come with great vertical space you can take advantage of in several ways. Stacking boxes is an option, though be careful to place the heavier items at the bottom. Also, be sure to stack the boxes only at your height to prevent any falls or damage.

You can install a sturdy shelving unit that will make reaching all your boxes and items easy. If you have furniture like dressers or bookshelves, take advantage of the empty space and fill up the drawers and shelves.

7. Break Down Furniture

Make storing furniture easier by separating it into smaller parts and storing them vertically. Headboards and bed frames can be easy to disassemble and store upright. You can take table legs off to store them vertically as well, though if the legs are securely attached, you can also use the table as a shelf to stack other items vertically.

It’s best to cover furniture with loose blankets or towels to protect them. When storing appliances, make sure they are clean, empty and dry.

8. Protect Smaller Items

When you need to store clothes, pack them loosely in sealed containers or hang them in garment bags. Cover electronics with sheets to protect them and store cords in waterproof bags. Delicate items should be wrapped individually and placed in a sturdy box. To protect the spines of books, store them flat inside a box.

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