How to Store Your Small Business Inventory

How to Store Your Small Business Inventory

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on December 21, 2021

If you own a small business, you know how challenging it can be to organize your inventory with limited space. Without sufficient storage, navigating and accessing your products can be a struggle, reducing productivity in the workplace.

Luckily, there are other ways you can optimize storage for your small business.

Acquire Inventory Organization Products

If your inventory storage lacks organization and sacrifices space because of it, you can purchase products to better consolidate and arrange your items.

For example, plastic storage bins are a low-cost option for organizing inventory, allowing you to easily stack them. There are also many affordable shelving options you can explore. You can invest in smaller organizational supplies like plastic utility organizers and bin racks for your more minuscule product offerings, as well.

Organize Bestsellers First

As a business owner, you’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule — about 80% of your company’s sales will likely come from 20% of your merchandise. It’s a good rule of thumb to identify your best-selling products and store them in an easily accessible space. Because these items will sell more quickly, you’ll be able to move them onto the sales floor faster and more efficiently, freeing up storage space.

Use a Tracking System

When you implement a tracking system into your small business storage, you can more easily monitor how much product you have in stock and plan accordingly. For example, if you notice an item isn’t selling well, you can organize a sale, promotion or event to clear it out of your store faster. Generating the sale of low turnover stock is a great way to create more space for other inventory.

Rent a Storage Unit

Rent a Storage Unit

Sometimes, effectively organizing and managing your inventory isn’t enough to create adequate storage space. Luckily, business storage units pose the ideal solution, offering a flexible and convenient option for housing your inventory. With a small commercial space for rent, you can take advantage of extra storage with lower costs than a storefront or warehouse space.

Storage units pose many benefits for small businesses, including:

  • Acting as a small-scale storehouse.
  • Freeing up space.
  • Removing clutter.
  • Keeping inventory secure.
  • Holding seasonal inventory.
  • Storing stock overflow.

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Organize Your Inventory With Business Storage Units From Satellite Self Storage Today