How to Store Your Winter Clothing

How to Store Your Winter Clothing

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on December 2, 2022

When warmer spring days arrive each year, you likely have the same dilemma — storing winter clothes. Your heavier, warmer clothes have to go elsewhere to make room for seasonally-appropriate wear. You want to ensure your seasonal clothing is safe from mildew, moths and any other potentially damaging elements.

To help you keep your clothing safe all year round, follow our list of the best ways to store clothes long-term.

1. Launder All Your Clothes Before Packing Away

Make sure all your clothing is freshly laundered and spotless before storing it. Unwashed clothes could lead to staining or odors, so you want to clean everything before putting it away. With clothing cleaned for storage, you can ensure everything in your seasonal wardrobe will come out fresh when you need it again.

2. Keep Your Clothes In Secure Containers

One way to help keep sweaters, blouses, pants and other clothing articles safe is to store them in a durable bag or container. You might want to keep them in a luggage bag or a tight vacuum bag. Another option is to use a bin or tote with a lid to keep outside elements away from your clothing. Whatever you choose, a sturdy, waterproof container is ideal for keeping out moisture, pests and anything else that could compromise your clothing quality.

3. Stuff Boots and Shoes

Help your footwear keep its shape by stuffing each pair of shoes and boots with tissue paper or newspaper. Placing material inside the shoe will keep it from getting smashed or misshapen during storage. You can also use inflatable boot shapers to protect the entire length of your boots.

4. Add Deodorizing Sachets

When you’re storing away clothes and shoes for a while, you want them to come out smelling fresh. Try adding new deodorizing sachets folded in your clothes and stuck inside your shoes — they will smell great when you unpack them. You can also add desiccant packs inside each storage bin to absorb moisture buildup and keep your items from smelling musty.

5. Store in a Cool and Dry Location

Finding a safe space to keep your clothes is integral to ensuring they’ll stay in good condition until you need them again. When choosing your storage spot, ensure it has a relatively regulated temperature that won’t get too high during the day. You’ll also want to pick a dry area with no excess moisture that could cause mildew or other damage. You can store clothes in a climate-controlled storage unit to make sure your items stay in pristine condition!

Choose Satellite Self Storage for Secure Belongings Storage

Choose Satellite Self Storage for Secure Belongings Storage

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