Tips for Moving in Different Weather Conditions

Tips for Moving in Different Weather Conditions

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on August 16, 2022

While weather can often be unpredictable, you can still prepare for a move despite the weather. Whether it’s supposed to be a sunny, hot day or you’re anticipating a constant downpour, taking certain steps beyond monitoring the weather can help you make your move as easy as possible. Continue reading for expert tips on how to move without ruining your things.

How to Move in Bad Weather

No matter the weather, understanding how to protect your personal belongings is a crucial part of the moving process. If possible, try waiting for a break in a bad rainstorm or heatwave or reschedule your move for the following day. A clear, sunny day is ideal.

When rescheduling isn’t an option, ensure your items are safely protected by wrapping large items in blankets and plastic coverings or covering expensive items like artwork in bubble wrap. Consider having special items like electronics or appliances professionally packed to prevent water damage. Before the move, take pictures of everything in case of damage during the moving process.

Below, you’ll find several tips for protecting your items and getting through your move in different weather scenarios.

1. Moving in the Rain

When moving on a rainy day, prepare your boxes with extra packaging care. Everyone involved should wear raincoats, jackets and rain boots and keep umbrellas handy. Consider keeping extra towels on hand to dry off during the move and investing in plastic bins and waterproof tarps to protect your items.

Here are a few additional tips for protecting your belongings from water damage:

  • Protect electronics: Place cords and cables in waterproof bags before placing them in boxes. Have appliances like TVs and toasters packed by professionals to ensure proper protection.
  • Use waterproof bins: Plastic containers prevent water from ruining clothing, linens and books.
  • Wrap furniture in blankets: Towels or thick blankets can protect wooden furniture, artwork and mirrors.
  • Use shrink wrap: Shrink wrap items before packing them to prevent water damage and save space.

Besides protecting your items from heavy rain, think about the house or apartment you’re moving to and what you can do to prevent damage to the floors. Bring a waterproof tarp to lay on the floor in your new space. Unpack wet cardboard boxes and recycle them immediately. Plus, keeping towels on the floor near entryways will stop people from tracking mud into the house.

If youo're moving on a hot or humid day, keep lots of water nearby for you and your movers.

2. Moving in the Heat

Moving during the summer months or in hot weather can cause heat exhaustion and sunburn. Working too hard or having little access to water during the move can cause dehydration. Watch for heat exhaustion by learning to recognize the signs:

  1. Excessive sweating
  2. Rapid or weak heartbeat
  3. Feeling faint
  4. Nausea
  5. Cramps
  6. Headache
  7. Fatigue
  8. Moist or pale skin

Understanding how to move in the summer will allow you to choose a good starting time for your move and pick out areas of shade where you and your helpers can take breaks.

If you’re moving on a hot or humid day, keep lots of water nearby for you and your movers. Wear light clothing and protect your face with a hat or baseball cap. Remember to lather on sunscreen and place a wet towel or rag on your neck to keep the body cool. It’s also important to ensure everyone takes enough breaks throughout the day.

If there are trees in your backyard or you have a shady place in the shed or garage, try to do some unboxing in these areas. Plug in a fan if needed. Pick an early start time to avoid moving during the warmest part of the day. Temperatures can be cooler in the morning and night and may make it easier to move boxes and furniture without worrying about heat exhaustion.

3. Moving in the Snow

There are several safety considerations to keep in mind when preparing for a move during the winter months.

  • Wear the correct clothing: Dress in lots of layers and wear a winter coat with a warm hat, gloves and durable boots. Gloves can prevent frostbite or burns from ice or cold items and winter boots with traction can prevent slips or falls.
  • Offer refreshments and ways to stay warm: Consider offering coffee, tea or hot chocolate to your movers to keep them warm and hydrated during the move. Make sure the heat works in your new place, as well. If your home has an issue with the heat, consider setting up a space heater in one room where people can unpack boxes and take breaks.
  • Take steps to drive safely: When planning the transportation of your items and furniture during a snowy day, ensure your car is fully serviced and maintained before driving. Check that the tires are prepared to move over ice and snow. Plan the safest route and stick to main roads or highways rather than unpaved back roads.
  • Lay down towels and shovel debris: If you need to protect either house from water or mud, keep some extra towels or tarps on hand to lay down on the hardwood floor or carpeted areas where movers may be coming and going. To prevent slips and falls from ice, shovel the sidewalks or driveway and salt the walkways to melt the snow.

To keep your belongings protected from snow and water, pack as many things as you can in waterproof containers and bags. You can also keep towels on hand to quickly dry down any items that get wet. If a cardboard box falls in the snow or otherwise becomes wet, take the items out of it and dispose of it quickly to prevent damage.

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