10 Tips for Self-Storage Unit Safety

10 Tips for Self-Storage Unit Safety

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on October 10, 2022

A self-storage unit is an extension of your home. It offers the added space you need to store personal items whether you’re downsizing, moving, traveling for the holidays or searching for a place to declutter your home. But are storage units safe? Generally, yes. Two things are essential when picking a storage unit. The first is the safety of your items. The second is your safety when accessing them.

Most people think about the first requirement without putting much thought into the second. It’s crucial to ensure your items are safe and secure. However, you want to keep yourself safe, too. In any case, the two are not mutually exclusive. Today’s article discusses why storage unit safety tips are essential and 10 tips for keeping yourself safe at the storage unit.


Why Self-Storage Unit Safety Is Important

Storage units keep your belongings safe, so it’s essential to stay protected when accessing the facility. Owners of self-storage units put a premium on safety for these two reasons:

1. Minimize Chances of Theft and Other Crimes

Self-storage unit operators understand the rise in crime in our communities and the need to protect users of our facilities. It has become essential to maintain maximum security. Many self-storage units are built to grant access to only the user. Moreover, 24/7 surveillance has helped ensure self-storage unit safety.

2. Gain Access to Your Belongings at Any Time

We consider self-storage units a part of your home’s structure and something that must, therefore, be accessible at all times. Although going to the storage unit at nighttime is challenging for some users, storage unit operators put measures in place to make this possible and convenient. For example, storage units with drive-up access offer added protection from the elements.

How to Keep Yourself Safe at the Storage Unit

Households are the largest users of self-storage units for long- and short-term rentals, with college students making up the smallest portion of users. Besides the third-placed users — military personnel — who are experts in combat and self-defense, the ordinary American must take extra precautions when accessing the storage units. The following can act as guides for how to stay safe at a storage unit:

1. Keep Vehicle Doors Locked

It’s safe to drive to the storage unit if you can. That way, you can easily access the facility and leave quickly if necessary. It’s essential to keep your vehicle doors locked. This prevents people from hiding in your car to wait for your return as you access the storage unit and prevents burglars from accessing your vehicle. Pack your car where it’s visible and easily reachable. It’s even better if your vehicle has an alarm system to alert you when someone tries to break in.

2. Bring a Friend

Going to the storage unit with a companion is a great way to protect yourself. Besides keeping you company, moving in a group reduces the risk of confrontation compared to being alone. There’s unity in teamwork. Bringing a friend makes you resilient against challenges. Plus, they’re likely to help you move things around if the need arises — multiple wins!

3. Maintain Focus

Headphones are one of the greatest inventions ever. Music gets most of us through the day, whether we’re strolling, jogging, working or even sleeping. However, you’ll want to put them away for a while when going to the storage unit. Apart from health reasons, the groove can make you unaware of your surroundings. Maintain total concentration when going to the self-storage unit. This makes it easy to hear if someone approaches you from behind.

Be vigilant even if you’re not using headphones. Be aware of the environment and be on the lookout for trouble. Take cover if you see any suspicious activity and scan for possible exit routes.

4. Ensure the Self-Storage Unit Has 24/7 Monitoring

Having 24/7 hour surveillance is one secure way to reduce crime and enhance self-storage unit safety in our communities.

Having 24/7 hour surveillance is one secure way to reduce crime and enhance self-storage unit safety in our communities. Even when events occur, CCTV cameras become helpful tools for security authorities to investigate. Some self-storage units, such as Satellite Self Storage, have installed CCTV cameras around the facilities, ensuring 24/7 monitoring. Store your items at storage units with high-level security to protect your properties and your person.

5. Pick a Good Location

A good location is vital for several reasons. It allows you easy access to the storage unit, which enables you to move in and out of the storage unit as quickly as necessary. Second, there’s a low crime rate and high proximity to the police and other security agencies. Such areas deter criminals and make it easy to apprehend them in troubling situations. Third, good locations have high visibility and are close to other residences, making it easy to call for help when you face challenges at the storage unit.

6. Ensure the Unit Has Good Lighting

Studies show that lighting reduces crime in our communities. Besides enhancing visibility, good lighting is a security tool in and around the storage units. A well-lit storage unit enhances surveillance and increases the chances of detecting lawbreakers. Additionally, people naturally feel safer in well-illuminated areas. Pick a storage unit with both interior and exterior lighting.

7. Keep Your Phone in Your Hand

Around 91% of cell phone users agree having a mobile phone makes them feel safer, as it allows them to call for help if needed. When going to the storage units, ensure your cell phone is within reach. Also, make sure you have enough battery life. Make sure emergency contacts are easily accessible so you can call for assistance as soon as possible.

8. Choose Strong Storage Units

Few self-storage units can boast durable facilities. Strong storage units are a necessity, not a luxury. Choose a storage unit with concrete construction and rugged steel. This makes it difficult to breach, protecting you and your belongings from burglars. Strong storage units give you the ultimate peace of mind.

9. Consider Visiting During Daytime

Go to the storage unit during the day if you can. Sunlight provides enhanced visibility, and more people are around during the day. This means you can receive any needed assistance. Plus, it’s no secret that crime rates are lower during the daytime. Many storage unit users ask how to go to a storage unit at night safely. Our answer is storage units are safe at night when you use one with high-level security. You should also secure a flashlight to help you see better in the dark and enlist a friend.

10. Do Your Research

Before choosing a self-storage unit, conduct thorough research to ensure it’s safe for you and your belongings. Call to find out if the facility has sufficient security. Check the internet and read reviews about the company. Next, conduct an on-site inspection to satisfy yourself with the security measures. It’s always better to prevent the occurrence of challenges beforehand.

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Self-storage units are helpful to many Americans. They serve as extra storage facilities for your belongings when going on holidays, moving or looking for space to declutter your home. Self-storage unit safety is important because it protects users against crimes and gives users convenient and safe access to the facility.

It’s also important to take extra precautions when going to the storage facility. Ensure your vehicle is locked when you go to the facility, go with a friend if necessary and maintain full concentration. Additionally, choose a storage location with easy access, high-level security such as 24/7 monitoring and formidable construction.

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