Organizing Your Storage Unit for the New Year

Organizing Your Storage Unit for the New Year

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on November 9, 2022

Whether you’ve inherited items from a family member or you’re clearing the holiday decorations out of your home, one of your resolutions for the new year may be organizing your storage unit. A storage unit can provide you with the extra space you need to keep your belongings and give you the peace of mind your belongings are stowed safely even when they’re not in your home.

In some cases, you may have a cluttered storage unit that doesn’t seem to have room for more items. Fortunately, with some organizing, you may be able to maximize the space in your storage unit and stow even more belongings.

How to Organize Storage Units for the New Year

The start of a new year is the perfect time to make goals and resolutions you want to accomplish over the next 12 months. Along with improving personal finances and exercising more, many Americans resolve to get organized. If storage unit organization is your New Year’s resolution, we have the tips you need to help you get and stay organized.

1. Take Inventory

One of the most effective ways to keep your storage unit organized is by taking inventory of the items in your unit. Create a list of the items you already have in your unit and take photos to remember where the items are stored. Input your information into a spreadsheet, and use this list to easily and quickly find what you need from your storage unit in the future.

2. Use Clear Bins

Clear bins tend to be the best option for storage. Using bins with secure lids and seals can keep your items protected and your unit organized. Bins are durable and sturdy, so they’re ideal for storage. Plus, you can easily view what’s inside your bins from the outside, so you don’t have to move them around to find something.

3. Add Labels

Add labels to all of your bins so you can quickly find what you need when you need it. You can opt to use stickers, masking tape or markers to label the sides and top of your clear bins. Similarly, you may want to create a map of your storage unit with the categories you put on the labels to find items quickly.

To organize your storage unit most effectively, you want to place items strategically according to how often you use them.

4. Place Items Strategically According to Use

To organize your storage unit most effectively, you want to place items strategically according to how often you use them. Place the items you use the most at the front of your storage unit, so you don’t have to go digging for them. Place the things you’ll be storing long-term and using only once or twice a year in the back of your unit. These items may include holiday decorations, seasonal clothes and camping gear.

5. Disassemble Furniture

Storing furniture can be easier when you disassemble these items into smaller parts. You can break down bed frames and headboards easily and store them upright, which can save room in your storage unit. Remove table legs if they’re not securely attached. If they’re securely attached, utilize the table as a shelf to stack other belongings. To protect your furniture while in storage, cover it with loose towels or blankets.

6. Organize Holiday Decorations

The combination of Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas can mean you need to store lots of new decorations. Between pumpkins, scarecrows, stuffed turkeys and string lights, by the start of the new year, you may realize you’ve accumulated many festive decorations that desperately need some organization. Follow these tips for organizing and storing your holiday decorations:

  • Use bins and labels: Store your decorations in clear bins and label them clearly so you can locate them easily when you need them for the next holiday season.
  • Wrap and bundle: After you disconnect any wires, wrap lights, tinsel, garlands and ribbons to avoid messy knots and tangled decorations. Use masking tape to secure the ends.
  • Utilize plastic bags and racks: Store bows and wreaths in plastic bags and hang them on a rack. This frees up floor space and protects your decorations.

Many holiday decorations are made of fragile materials, such as ceramics and glass, which means proper storage and organization are essential.

7. Dedicate Space for Future Storage

If you know you’ll need storage space for future purchases or gifts, leave space available in your storage unit you can utilize in the future to stow these items. You may also want to make sure you have a center aisle in your storage unit that makes accessing your belongings easier. This way, you can still access the items in the back of your unit.

8. Take Advantage of Vertical Space

If you’ve only been using the floor space of your storage unit, now’s the time to take advantage of your vertical space. One way you can take advantage of your vertical space is by stacking your bins. When you stack your bins, be sure to put bins with heavier items at the bottom. Stop stacking additional boxes when you reach your height so you can avoid falls or damage.

After you disassemble your furniture, you can store the smaller parts of your furniture vertically. Additionally, you can install a shelving unit in your storage space to make reaching your items easier. If you’re storing furniture like bookshelves and dressers, you can also utilize the empty space in this furniture by filling shelves and drawers.

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