Organizing Your Storage Unit for the New Year

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on November 9, 2022

Whether you’ve inherited items from a family member or you’re clearing the holiday decorations out of your home, one of your resolutions for the new year may be organizing your storage unit. A storage unit can provide you with the extra space you need to keep your belongings and give you the peace of mind […]

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10 Tips for Self-Storage Unit Safety

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on October 10, 2022

A self-storage unit is an extension of your home. It offers the added space you need to store personal items whether you’re downsizing, moving, traveling for the holidays or searching for a place to declutter your home. But are storage units safe? Generally, yes. Two things are essential when picking a storage unit. The first is the […]

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Tips for Moving in Different Weather Conditions

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on August 16, 2022

While weather can often be unpredictable, you can still prepare for a move despite the weather. Whether it’s supposed to be a sunny, hot day or you’re anticipating a constant downpour, taking certain steps beyond monitoring the weather can help you make your move as easy as possible. Continue reading for expert tips on how […]

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How to Organize a Storage Unit

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on August 8, 2022

Storage units are the perfect solution for temporary or long-term storage. They can be helpful when moving or when you need a little extra space in your home. Knowing how to keep your storage unit organized is essential so you can quickly and easily access your items. One of the best ways to pack a […]

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The Best Ways to Store Clothes in a Storage Unit

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on July 14, 2022

How you store your clothes can significantly impact how long they last — and chances are, you want to keep your clothes for as long as possible! Check out some of our top tips on how to store clothes in a storage unit. Wash and Dry Clothes Before Storing Your first order of business should […]

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How to Store Your Small Business Inventory

Posted by: satelliteselfstorage on December 21, 2021

If you own a small business, you know how challenging it can be to organize your inventory with limited space. Without sufficient storage, navigating and accessing your products can be a struggle, reducing productivity in the workplace. Luckily, there are other ways you can optimize storage for your small business. Acquire Inventory Organization Products If […]

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